Eye Hospital Management Software

Best Software Solution for EYE HOSPITAL in Bangladesh.

  • Eye Hospital Management Software
    Software Features
  • Administrator
    ✅Role Permission
  • Create Options
    ✅Manage User
    ✅Manage Session
  • HR
    ✅Staff Info
    ✅Advance Salary
    ✅Salary Payment
    ✅Salary Sheet
  • Auditors
  • Dashboard
    ✅Total Doctor
    ✅Total Appointment
    ✅Total Consultation
    ✅Total Investigation
    ✅Total Operation
    ✅Send SMS Qty
    ✅OT Product Stock Shortage
    ✅Medicine Stock Shortage
    ✅Optical Product Shortage
  • Doctor
    ✅Doctor Info
  • Patient
    ✅Patient Info
    ✅Patient Service (Consultation, Investigation & Operation)
    ✅Patient List
    ✅Discount Request
    ✅Delivery Report
    ✅Add Expenditure
    ✅B-Scan Report
    ✅Investigation Info
    ✅Due Collection
  • Inventory Setup
    ✅Product Name
    ✅Medicine Name
    ✅Optical Name
  • OT
    ✅Insert OT Product
    ✅Use OT Product
    ✅OT Product Report
  • Medicine
    ✅Insert Medicine
    ✅Purchase Medicine
    ✅Sales Medicine
    ✅Medicine Report
  • Optics
    ✅Insert Optical
    ✅Purchase Optical
    ✅Sales Optical
    ✅Optical Report
  • Accounts
    ✅Total Report (Branch Wise/ User Wise/ Doctor Wise/ Date to Date Wise Report)
  • SMS
    ✅Patient Appointment (Send SMS to Patient Mobile)
    ✅Patient Due (Send SMS to Admin & Patient Mobile)
    ✅Collect Due from Patient (Send SMS to Patient Mobile)
  • Price > Development Charge: 40,000/-BDT & Monthly Service Charge: 2,000/-BDT Only

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