Inventory, Accounting & HR Payroll Management Software

Best Software Solution for Inventory, Accounting & HR Payroll in Bangladesh.

  • Inventory, Accounting & HR Payroll Management Software
    Our Software is Rich in many Features and Modules : Authentic Support & Service

    Software Features:
  • Dashboard (Dynamic Home Page)
  • Settings (System Setting, Language)
  • Device
    ✅Add Device
    ✅Scan User
    ✅Scan Attendance
    ✅Clear Attendance
  • Administrative
    ✅Add Employee Info
    ✅Employee Category
    ✅Employee Type
    ✅Employee Status
    ✅Payroll Grade
    ✅Employee Report
    ✅Payroll Report
    ✅Department Report
    ✅Designation Report
  • Leave Management
    ✅Leave Category
    ✅Manage Holy Day
    ✅Leave Application
    ✅Monthly Leave Report
    ✅Yearly Leave Report
    ✅Employee Leave Report
  • Employee Attendance
    ✅Live Attendance
    ✅Daily Attendance
    ✅Attendance Report
    ✅Attendance Summary
  • Accounts
    ✅Chart of Accounts
    ✅Voucher Posting
    ✅Voucher Information
    ✅Voucher Number Search
    ✅General Ledger
    ✅Subsidiary Ledger
    ✅Trial Balance
    ✅Balance Sheet
    ✅Income & Expenditure
    ✅Balance Sheet Note
    ✅Income & Expenditure Note
    ✅Cash Flow Statement
    ✅Changes in Equity
    ✅Salary Payment
  • Product
    ✅Add New Product
    ✅Product List
    ✅Product Unit
    ✅Barcode Lebel Print
    ✅Stock Out
    ✅Product Return
    ✅Product Report
  • Category (Main Category, Sub Category & Category Report)
  • Brands (Add New Brand, Brand List)
  • Purchase
    ✅Add New Purchase
    ✅Purchase List
    ✅Purchase Return
    ✅Purchase Status
    ✅Purchase Report
  • Sales
    ✅Add New Sales
    ✅Sales List
    ✅Sales Return
    ✅Sales Status
    ✅Sales Report
    ✅Sales Profit Report
  • Supplier (Add New Supplier, Supplier List & Supplier Due Report)
  • Customer (Add New Customer, Customer List & Customer Due Report)
  • Expense (Add New Expense, Expense Category, Expense Report)
  • Reports (Product Report, Category wise Report, Brand wise Report)
  • User (Create New User & User List)
  • Logout
  • Price > Development Charge: 150,000/-BDT & Monthly Service Charge: 6,500/-BDT Only

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