Point of Sales (POS) Software

ব্যবহার ক্ষেত্রঃ যে কোন ব্যবসা প্রতিষ্ঠান।

  • Point of Sales (POS) Software - প্রতিশ্রুতিশীল এবং সন্তুষ্টিজনক সেবাই আমাদের মূল লক্ষ্য।

    Software Features
  • Home (Dynamic Dashboard):
    ✅Number of Staff
    ✅Purchase Product
    ✅Sales Product
    ✅Stock Shortage
    ✅Sales Today
    ✅Purchase Today
    ✅Present Product Qty

    Settings (General Set-up):
    ✅Product Category
    ✅Product Name
    ✅Supplier Name
    ✅Create Expense Head
    ✅Create Income Head

    Inventory (Stock Management):
    ✅Purchase Product
    ✅Purchase List
    ✅Stock Report
    ✅Expired Product
    ✅Supplier Due List
    ✅Supplier Due Payment
    ✅Due Payment List

    Quick POS (Sales):
    ✅Sales Product
    ✅Sales List
    ✅Customer Return
    ✅Customer Return List
    ✅Customer Due List
    ✅Customer Due Collection
    ✅Due Collection List

    ✅Expense Entry
    ✅Expense List
    ✅Income Entry
    ✅Income List
    ✅Salary Payment
    ✅Salary Payment List
    ✅Product wise Profit/Loss
    ✅Balance Sheet

    SMS System
    ✅Create SMS
    ✅Send SMS
    ✅Send SMS List

    Price >Development Charge: 15,000 BDT & Monthly Service Charge: 1000 BDT Only

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