Hotel Management Software

It seems like you're outlining the features of a comprehensive hotel management software. Here's a breakdown of the features you've mentioned:

  1. Dashboard Home Page: A centralized interface providing an overview of various aspects of the hotel operations such as occupancy rates, reservation status, revenue, etc.

  2. Reservation Booking System:

    • New Booking: Allows staff to make new reservations for guests, including selecting room types, dates, and guest details.
    • Booking List: Displays a list of all current reservations with relevant details for easy management.
  3. Change Room: Enables staff to modify room assignments for guests, if needed.

  4. Guest Info:

    • Add New Guest: Records information about new guests checking into the hotel.
    • Guest List: Maintains a database of all guests currently staying or who have stayed at the hotel.
  5. Room Setting:

    • Room/Suite Type: Defines different types of rooms or suites available at the hotel.
    • Room Info: Manages individual rooms, assigning them to specific room types and tracking their availability.
    • Facility Info: Records information about facilities available in each room or suite.
  6. Restaurant:

    • Create Food Category: Categorizes food items available in the restaurant.
    • Foods: Manages the menu by adding new food items and listing existing ones.
    • Food Order (From Room): Allows guests to order food to their rooms.
    • Food Order (From Restaurant): Manages orders placed by guests dining in the restaurant.
    • Payment System: Handles payments for food orders, including collection and maintaining a payment list.
  7. Inventory:

    • Product Category: Organizes inventory items into categories for easier management.
    • Product: Adds new inventory items, tracks existing ones, and manages stock levels.
    • Supplier: Records information about suppliers providing inventory items to the hotel.
  8. Human Resources:

    • Departments: Organizes staff into different departments within the hotel.
    • Designation: Defines various job roles or positions within the hotel.
    • Add New Staff & List: Manages staff records, including adding new staff members and maintaining a list of current employees.
    • Staff Salary Payment: Handles payroll management and facilitates salary payments to staff.
  9. Logout: Provides a secure way for users to log out of the system to protect sensitive information.

Regarding the pricing information you provided, it seems to be in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT), with a one-time development charge of 250,000 BDT and a monthly service charge of 5,000 BDT. This pricing seems reasonable for the scope of features offered.


  • Development Price: BDT 250000
  • Monthly Service Charge: BDT 5000

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