Training Institute Management Software

The Training Center Management Software you've described appears to be comprehensive and designed to efficiently manage various aspects of a training center's operations. Here's a breakdown of its features:

Dashboard Home Page:

  • Provides an overview of key metrics and important information regarding the training center's activities.

Student Management Software:

  • Admission: Manages the admission process for new students.
  • Pending Student: Tracks students whose admission process is pending.
  • Student List: Provides a list of all enrolled students.
  • Generate ID Card: Creates identification cards for students.
  • Generate Admit Card: Generates admit cards for students.
  • Collection: Manages fee collection from students.
  • Collection List: Provides a list of fee collections.

Course Management:

  • Course Information: Manages information about various courses offered by the training center.


  • Result Submission: Allows submission of examination results.
  • Search Result: Enables searching for specific student results.

Attendance Management:

  • Create Attendance: Records student attendance.
  • Attendance Information: Provides information about attendance records.


  • Income Entry: Records income entries.
  • Income List: Provides a list of income entries.
  • Expense Entry: Records expense entries.
  • Expense List: Provides a list of expense entries.
  • Invest Entry: Records investment entries.
  • Invest List: Provides a list of investment entries.
  • Collection: Manages fee collection.
  • Collection List: Provides a list of fee collections.
  • Accounts Report: Generates reports related to accounts.

Sales Management:

  • Sales Product: Manages sales of products/services.
  • Sales Info: Provides information about sales.
  • Collection: Manages collections from sales.
  • Collection List: Provides a list of collections.
  • Balance Sheet: Generates balance sheets.

Purchase Management:

  • Purchase Product: Manages purchases of products/services.
  • Purchase Info: Provides information about purchases.
  • Balance Sheet: Generates balance sheets.


  • Create Staff: Records information about staff members.
  • Staff List: Provides a list of staff members.
  • Salary Payment: Manages salary payments to staff.
  • Payment List: Provides a list of payments made.

SMS Management:

  • Create SMS: Creates SMS messages.
  • Send SMS: Sends SMS messages.
  • Send SMS Info: Provides information about sent SMS messages.

General Setting:

  • App Setting: Configures application settings.
  • Branch Settings: Manages settings related to branches (if applicable).
  • Course: Manages course details.
  • Subject: Manages subject details.
  • Income Head: Manages income categories.
  • Expense Head: Manages expense categories.
  • Invest Head: Manages investment categories.
  • Designation: Manages staff designations.
  • Payment Service: Configures payment service settings.
  • Popular Project: Manages information about popular projects.
  • Blogs: Manages blog content.
  • Notice: Manages notices.
  • Supplier: Manages supplier information.
  • Our Feature: Manages information about the training center's features.
  • News & Events: Manages news and event information.
  • Gallery: Manages image galleries.

Others Settings:

  • Batch: Manages batch information.
  • Product: Manages product details.
  • Customer: Manages customer information.

User Management:

  • User Add Role: Adds roles for users.
  • Role Permission: Sets permissions for user roles.
  • User Create: Creates user accounts.


  • Development Charge: 15,000/- BDT (One-time)
  • Monthly Service Charge: 1,250/- BDT

Overall, this software seems to cover all


  • Development Price: BDT 15000
  • Monthly Service Charge: BDT 1250

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