Agro / Agricultural Business Management Software

Easy & Dynamic Software with Professional Accounting System

Best Agro / Farm Management Software in Bangladesh.

Software Features:

  • Dashboard With Business Graph: Dynamic home page with graphical representation.
  • Purchase (ক্রয়) : Medicine & Vaccine, Common Product & All Food Item.
  • Stock (স্টক) : Medicine & Vaccine Stock, Common Product with Food Item Stock.
  • Dairy (দুগ্ধ) Management System: Manages activities related to dairy farming.
  • Cattle (ষাঁড়) Management System: Handles cattle management processes.
  • Goat (ছাগল) Management System: Manages goat farming operations.
  • Sheep (ভেড়া) Management System: Deals with sheep farming activities.
  • Deer (হরিণ) Management System: Deals with deer farming activities.
  • Fisheries (মৎস্য) Management System: Manages fisheries-related tasks.
  • Poultry (মুরগি) Management System: Handles poultry farming operations.
  • Other's Project (অন্যান্য প্রজেক্ট): Handles more farming operations.
  • Accounts (একাউন্টস): Handles financial transactions, invoicing, and accounting tasks.
  • Finance (Chart of Accounts): Professional Accounting System.
  • General Settings: Allows customization of general settings according to business requirements.
  • SMS System: Facilitates communication with stakeholders via SMS.
  • HR Management: Manages human resources, including employee information.
  • User Roles and Permissions: Controls access to different features based on user roles.
  • Logout: Provides a secure way for users to log out of the software.

This software seems to cover all essential aspects of agribusiness management, including livestock, fisheries, poultry, and dairy farming, along with inventory, accounting, and HR management functionalities. The pricing structure appears transparent and affordable, with no hidden charges. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!

  • Development Price: BDT 125,000
  • Monthly Service Charge: BDT 2,500


  • Development Price: BDT 125000
  • Monthly Service Charge: BDT 2500

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