Dish Cable & ISP Billing Software

The Dish Cable & ISP Billing Software you've described seems comprehensive and tailored to the needs of businesses in the cable and internet service provider industry. Here's a breakdown of its features:

Dashboard Home Page:

  • Create Options:
    • Company Name
    • Service Type
    • Package Info
    • Area Info
    • Expense Head
    • Income Head

Insert Options:

  • Insert Dish Client Info
  • Insert ISP Client Info
  • Staff Info
  • Expense Entry
  • Income Entry

Generate Report:

  • Bill Generation
  • Due Bill Info
  • Bill Collection
  • Online Bill Collection
  • Balance Sheet
  • Total Cash Report
  • Daily Monthly Cash Report


  • Create SMS
  • Send SMS

User Role Permission

Website Management:

  • Slider Upload
  • Product
  • About Us
  • Payment
  • Contact Us


  • Development Charge: 7,500 BDT
  • Monthly Service Charge: 550 BDT

This software appears to cover all essential aspects of billing and management for dish cable and ISP businesses, including client information management, billing, financial reporting, SMS communication, and website management. The pricing seems reasonable considering the features offered. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!


  • Development Price: BDT 7500
  • Monthly Service Charge: BDT 550

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